New Weavings

I have two new projects under-way right now... I'm really happy with my pinweaving jewelry but have started to become interested in tapestry weaving (and investigating methods for incorporating macrame into tapestry weavings) and coiled basket weaving. ALthough I haven't started on a basket yet, I have started a tapestry sampler in a handmade frame loom - made using a cast-off picture frame and small nails - and have a new necklace project underway.

Here are some photos of things I'm working on now... I hope you enjoy seeing them! Please leave a comment - I'd love to know your thoughts :)

New necklace in the planning...
... and in-progress!
A sampler of tapestry techniques on my homemade frame loom using a variety of found fibers


Bobbie said...

Pinweaving is such fun to do -- you may have just given me the push I need to pull out my supplies and get back at it! Looking forward to seeing the final products you've given the sneak peeks of.

Cindy Caraway said...

Thanks, Bobbie! I really enjoy weaving and it's starting to eclipse beading just a little bit... Fiber, pretty beads and vintage baubles - everything one needs, right? :)

Roberta Rosheim said...

It looks very intricate and I am amazed. Beautiful work!


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